Headlines                             March 11th, 2002


My Father, Rudy Mikeska Sr. always said;

"politics is a lot like making sausage, it's not a pretty process!"

February 19th, 2002 Taylor Daily Press


Since I have been making sausage for over 35 years, I guess it's time for me to find out if dad was right......

Seriously, I have been asked by many members of my community to run for our local City Council. Since I was elected in 1984 to be the youngest President of the Taylor Chamber of Commerce (24 years old), many citizens have asked me to get into local politics. I have resisted because of my other commitments. I was recently approached by numerous citizens to put my name on the ballot for May 4th. At 42, I feel now is a good time to help my city. All 9 original members of the Mikeska Family who were all born in the Taylor area, eventually left EXCEPT for my father, Rudy Sr. He stayed and raised his family in Taylor. We attended the same schools, same church and shopped the same stores. Today, my children are being raised in Taylor with the same values and dedication that their grandparents displayed 80 years ago. I do love my community and I care about it's residents. My Paramedic and Fire Fighting background show a resolve in protecting my fellow Taylorites. Since 1978, I have seen many of my fellow citizens personal tragedies and many triumphs. In 1980, as one of the first Paramedics in Williamson County, I founded the East Williamson County Emergency Care Team to help speed up the care of the injured in the Taylor area. In 1979, I started my association with the the Taylor Volunteer Fire Department. I have held the offices of Secretary, Training Officer, Vice President, Lieutenant, Captain and now the Assistant Chief. In 1981, I began teaching Emergency Medical Services Courses as a course coordinator with the Texas Dept. of Health and Temple College. The last 24 years of my life have been dedicated to service to my community. I love Taylor and I want to be of service to Taylor and ALL of it's citizens.


1st through 8th Grade St. Mary’s Parochial School
Graduate Taylor High School
Graduate Temple College - Scott & White Paramedic School
Graduate Texas A&M Municipal Fireman’s Training School


1979 - 1989 Founder and Former President and Board Chairman of the East Williamson County Emergency Care Team
1979 - 1990 Certified EMT-Paramedic, Texas Department of Health
1979 - 1985 Field Paramedic Williamson County Emergency Medical Services 1980 - 1990 E.M.S. Instructor/Examiner with The Texas Department of Health
1980 - 1985 Instructor of Vocational EMT-Paramedic Programs, Temple College 1984 Member of the E.M.S. State Legislative Council
1983 - 1986 Board Member of the Taylor Conservation and Heritage Society 1982 - 1985 Director and President of the Taylor Chamber of Commerce
Charter Member of the Texas E.M.S. Instructors Society
Founding Member of The Texas Association of Emergency Medical Technicians
3 Term President, 3 Term Treasurer of East Williamson Unit, American Cancer Society
Former 3 Term Chairman of the Taylor Airport Advisory Board
1985 - 1988 Teacher of Confraternity of Christian Doctrine (CCD) St. Mary’s Catholic Church
1986 - 1989 Teacher of Baptismal Preparation Class for Parents and Godparents at St. Mary’s Catholic Church


Chairman of the Board, Mikeska’s Bar-B-Q Inc.
President and CEO of Rudy Mikeska’s Bar-B-Q Inc.
Managing Partner of Mikeska Management & Investment Company
Chairman of the Board Mustang Creek Golf Course Inc.
Vice Chairman, City of Taylor Airport Advisory Board
Board Member and Secretary of the Williamson County Board of Health
Member, Taylor High School Ex-Students Association
Member, Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association
Member, Mooney Airplane Pilots Association
Member of the National Association of Boards of Health
Member of the Helicopter Club of America


Certified Firefighter, Texas State Fireman’s & Fire Marshals Association
Master Operator and Instructor, Hurst "Jaws of Life" Rescue Tools
Extrication Instructor, Texas Department of Health
23 Year Member of the Taylor Volunteer Fire Department Having Held These Offices: Secretary, Vice President, Training Officer, Lieutenant, and Captain Current Assistant Chief, Taylor Vol. Fire Department
Member Williamson County Fire Chiefs Association
Member, International Association of Fire Chiefs
Member, National EMS Pilots Association
Williamson County Task Force 24 Resource Coordination Duty Officer
Member, Williamson County Weapons of Mass Destruction Task Force


"American Legion Award" 1973, St. Mary’s Catholic School
"Balfour Leadership Award", 1978, Taylor High School
"Danforth Award" 1978 Taylor High School
"Mr. Taylor High School", 1978, Taylor High School
"Firefighter Instructors Award" 1984 Texas A&M University Fireman’s Training School
"1984, Who’s Who Outstanding Young Men of America
"Outstanding Firefighter", 1984 Taylor Fire Department
"Past Presidents Award", 1985 Taylor Chamber of Commerce
Honorary Chapter Farmer, Taylor FFA-4H
"Founders Dedication & Support Award" 1992 East Williamson County Emergency Care Team
"Legislative Support Award", 1993, McDonalds Restaurants
"Outstanding Texas Family Business Award Semifinalist", 1996 Baylor University "1997 Citizen of the Year Award" Williamson County EMS
"Seven Seals Award", 1998, by the National Committee for Employer Support of the National Guard and Reserve
"Outstanding Landing Zone Operations", 2000 Scott & White Hospital Medevac "2000 Bosnia Participation Award", National Guard Association of Texas
"2001 Texas Eagle Award" for outstanding support of the reserve Components in Texas Awarded by the Employer Support of the Guard and Reserve Committee


Certified Pilot......Airplane and Helicopter
1992 Sponsor of the World Helicopter Championships in Swindon England
1994 Field Judge....Precision Flying, United States Helicopter Championships in Las Vegas, Nevada
Volunteer Search and Rescue Pilot


Married to Candy Mikeska 3 Children......Meggie Rae (1-30-1985) Rudy III (11-1-1989) Timothy Michael (7-9-1997)
Lifetime Resident of Taylor
Lifetime Member of St. Mary’s Catholic Church, Taylor Texas

I am in the process of creating a Website dedicated to my campaign and local issues. If you have questions, suggestions or complaints please feel free to call me at 512-209-0128 or E-mail me at info@mikeska.com


Tim _____________________________________________________________

Now, back to my Business News........

TXDOT Fish Fry

450 Hungry TXDOT employees enjoyed Rudy Mikeska's All-You-Can-Eat Fried Catfish Buffet at their Annual Safety Awards Banquet in Temple Texas

Judge John Carter's Congressional Campaign Event Hosted by Rudy Mikeska's Bar-B-Q

Many area supporters of Judge John Carter's Congressional Campaign enjoyed Smoked Turkey, Mikeska's Spicy Pork Sausage, Smoked Chicken Pasta Salad, Mikeska's Bar-B-Q Sauce, Vegetable Tray and Cheese Tray hosted in Rudy Mikeska's Durango Room

2002 Taylor Jaycee National Rattlesnake Sacking Championships

Rudy Mikeska's set up their Concession Trailer and Mobile Smokers to serve the many guests and Professional Snake Sackers in Taylor

Yes, that's a skinned rattlesnake, soon to be chopped up and deep fried for the "hungry?" and curious show participants.


Thanks to all of our great friends......

Rudy L. "Tim" Mikeska Jr.

Diamond Inn Hamburger Count....... Tuesday's Only Total....... 27,441

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