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What was I thinking....?
Recently there have been allot of people asking me if I knew the recipe to my Aunt Ann's Famous Diamond Inn Hamburgers. I have always known the secret to these hamburgers, because I literally grew up in the Diamond Inn that was just around the corner from my father's bar-b-q stand on old Main Street in downtown Taylor. I watched my Uncle Steve and Aunt Ann carefully prepare the meat that would be slow grilled on a grill top that was as old as time itself. My Aunt and her trusted helper, Doris Walpole, would cook hundreds of hamburgers each day while my Uncle Steve solved all of life's problems from his barstool at the end of the counter. Uncle Steve would give his opinions on everything from the weather and politics to space exploration. He often told me of the time when Bonnie and Clyde came by for a burger in the 1930's. Uncle Steve's other job was to extinguish the fire when the grill caught fire.
So last Tuesday, we started cooking Diamond Inn Hamburgers. Over 400 of them!.

Hamburgers are sold from 11am to 2pm on Tuesdays.
Regular.................$ 3.00
Cheeseburger.......$ 3.50
Double Meat
Double Cheese....$ 4.00 Call in orders requested 352-5561


Well, we have all recovered from Gerry & Donna Mikeska's wedding. They are still overseas enjoying their honeymoon. The entire Mikeska Family wish them a long, healthy life together. Another Mikeska is scheduled to be married this summer. My cousin Stephen is next. Stephen, along with sisters Anna and Angela, manage the Family Business in Temple.

Angie and Stephen at Gerry's Wedding
(They're Next!)

My daughter Meggie with her 2nd cousin Brook Oldham
Two very beautiful girls.

"just a ordinary mikeska barbecue buffet!"
(rose petals are extra!)

"The Guys in Vegas"
Here is round 3 of Gerry's bachelor party at
at the Las Vegas Hilton's Super Bowl Party

Myself, Gerry, Benny and Nick
The Mikeska Family Bar-B-Q Mafia ?

I am finally caught up on all my e-mail responses. I appreciate all of the interest in the website. Now I need some of your advice. Rudy Mikeska's Bar-B-Q has been asked to cater a 4th of July celebration. It's not your typical cross town or Austin area catering job. In fact it's in a war zone........ BOSNIA. The National Guard Association of Texas has been in contact with me about serving the 1,500 Texas Army National Guard Soldiers on active duty in Bosnia. I have not yet agreed to cater this event. If you have any thoughts, please e-mail me and let me know your opinion. I'm not even sure bohemians are allowed in Bosnia!


Rudy L. "Tim" Mikeska Jr.

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