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Our family knows BEEF !

For over 50 years, Rudy Mikeska's family has participated as a buyer and sponsor for the annual Williamson County Livestock Show. Rudy always stressed the importance of youth raising livestock. We continue our support for agriculture youth programs like FFA and 4-H Clubs. Rudy and I both earned the distinction of being named Honorary Chapter Farmers in the Future Farmers of America youth organization.

Mr. Rudy Mikeska purchased the Williamson County Livestock Show's Grand Champion Beef Steer Circa 1965

Many customers are choosing our "All-You-Can-Eat" Catfish Buffet as their choice for their event. We have been cooking seafood for over 50 years! Rudy Sr. started catering with fish, shrimp, oysters and crawfish in the 1940's.



Boiled Crawfish is a great meal that we cook right at your event. Here is a photo of Rudy Sr. in the early 1980's cooking Fried Catfish and Boiled Crawfish for Texas A&M University's Annual Fish Farmers Conference at College Station.

I remember this event very well. I had to carry these large frying kettles and boiling pots with their propane tanks everywhere we catered. Some years later I designed a "Kitchen on Wheels" that now cooks everything imaginable.

This is a great piece of equipment!

Sometime it's necessary to use all our resources to ensure that our customers receive the freshest product. Over the last 11 years we have used our corporate aircraft to fly in fresh seafood directly from the gulf coast to our home in Taylor. We have also used our Mooney to cater events that are beyond our normal driving distances from our kitchens. This aircraft has served us faithfully and I have enjoyed every minute flying it. Five years ago we used the Mooney to cater an "all pilots" wedding where the Bride and Groom were married in a Cessna 206 over Georgetown Texas. After they landed, we arrived in 21Foxtrot and taxied up to the aircraft hanger they had rented for their reception. We opened the baggage door and retrieved our Brisket and Chicken with all the trimmings. The newly married couple and their guests were thrilled. This event made the front page of the local newspaper!

Here is our 25 foot Stainless Steel Mobile Cooking Grill that we used to cook over 2,500 hamburgers, 2,600 hot dogs, and 2,500 of Mikeska's Smoked Sausage at a recent company picnic.

Here.....Todd Carter, Shawn, John Richter, and Danny Carter are busy "turning patties" and "rolling wieners".

This is an example of our new style of "Picnic Buffet". All items are cooked on location with the guests building their own hamburgers, hot dogs and other items.

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Rudy L. "Tim" Mikeska Jr.

Diamond Inn Hamburger Count.......13th Tuesday Total....... 3,805
(I'm starting to count these in the hope that one day we can have a sign that reads.....Billions and Billions Served!).

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