Headlines                             August 28th, 2000

Pilots, Airplanes, and Mikeska Bar-B-Q
a great combination !!!

Special Thanks to the famous "Quiet Birdmen"....faithful customers for some time. Last Saturday I personally served their event held at Lago Vista's Bar-K Airport.


Rudy Mikeska's Bar-B-Q Hosts the 22nd Annual Taylor International Barbecue Cookoff Judges

For 22 years we have hosted the Judges Luncheon for the Annual Barbecue Cookoff.

The Judges are treated to an All-You-Can-Eat Fried Catfish Buffet. Over 128 Judges attended the invitation only event.

The Meat Counter

The "Meat Counter".... Beef Brisket, Mikeska Brand Spicy Pork Sausage, Smoked Ham, Bar-B-Q Chicken, Pork Ribs, and Lamb Ribs. This is the typical meat selections our customers can choose from when going through our cafeteria line.

The Cookoff Judges were impressed with our Roto-Flex Carousel Smokers that can cook 70 Briskets every 6 hours.

They also enjoyed our Homemade Bread.... GOOD NEWS: My cousins Nick & Gerry Mikeska have finally seen the light. The are starting to bake "small quantities" of homemade bread at the Mikeska Bar-B-Q location in El Campo Texas. Good Luck guys..... remember, you are not real "bakers" until you can cook over 200 loaves every morning!!



Rudy L. "Tim" Mikeska Jr.

Diamond Inn Hamburger Count....... Tuesday's Only Total....... 8,388

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